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winbuntu 🐧

This is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu 22.04.1 with a customized gnome environment to look like windows. Currently only for amd64.


Click here to download winbuntu-22.04.4 or:

curl tty.pt/winbuntu/winbuntu-22.04.4-2024.03.02-desktop-amd64.iso -O

Check that the checksum matches:

md5sum ./winbuntu-22.04.4-2024.03.02-desktop-amd64.iso

Should match:

a00f121bc5c5dd525e253a4193d3867b  winbuntu-22.04.4-2024.03.02-desktop-amd64.iso

Write to a pen drive:

dd if=./winbuntu-22.04.4-2024.03.02-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sda bs=1M

Follow the installation wizard, and you are good to go.